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Will County workers strike for fairness                       

Members of AFSCME Local 1028, representing some 1,200 Will County employees, are set to strike on Monday after management again refused to offer fair wages or back off a plan to double employee health care costs. In a last-ditch round of negotiations on Nov. 13 and 14, representatives of the Will County board did not budge from their demand that employees accept a paltry wage increase after four years with no cost-of-living raise. Combined with the county’s demands on health care costs, management’s proposal amounts to a pay cut for many employees. County employees voted to authorize a strike more than a month ago, but made every effort to seek a compromise, even delaying a planned work stoppage to return to negotiations at the request of a federal mediator. “County workers went above and beyond at the bargaining table, just like we do in serving our community every day,” AFSCME Local 1028 president Dave Delrose said. “Management has refused to meet us halfway, demanding employees pay unaffordable costs for health insurance that would more than negate their paltry offer on pay,” Delrose added. “Management knew its demands would force a strike but still they refused to compromise.” To help the county through tough times, employees represented by AFSCME agreed to forego a cost-of-living pay increase for the past four years. Today 40 percent of union members earn less than $30,000 annually. Current contract talks have dragged on for 15 months with little sign of compromise by county management and little involvement by county executive Larry Walsh. AFSCME represents more than 1,200 employees in the county court system, health department, highway department, Sunny Hill Nursing Home, county jail, and in the offices of the sheriff, coroner, recorder, assessor, clerk, chief judge, circuit clerk, executive and state’s attorney. “Larry Walsh and the county board leave us no choice but to strike for fair pay and health care we can afford,” Delrose said. “We ask the support of all Will County residents who rely on the services we provide: Let the politicians know you support county workers. “We want to work and serve the people, but management’s demands have gone too far for too long. We are united and ready to stand together for fairness as long as it takes.”


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Ex-County board member says employee comp package flawed…

A former Republican County Board Member who is more involved in what is going on then the current crop of sheep ( County Board Members) we have. Maybe if there was some leadership from someone on the Board  the County Employees would not be going on Strike.

Eastern Will County News

News related to District 1, Will County, Illinois

Ex-County board member says employee comp package flawed

Will County Executive Larry Walsh is taking heat on an employee health benefits package that has drawn criticism from a former county board member. Photo Credit: Will County, official photo

Will County Executive Larry Walsh is taking heat on an employee health benefits package that has drawn criticism from a former county board member. Photo Credit: Will County, official photo

by Dennis Sullivan Oct. 31, 2013

An Eastern Will County resident who once represented Beecher Crete, Monee, Park Forest, Sauk Village, Steger and University Park on the Will County board says the county’s union employees may have good reasons for being dissatisfied with the health benefit plan approved in September by the Will County board.

Mary Ann Gearhart Deutsche, who held the powerful County Board position of Executive Committee Chairman and served as Crete Township Supervisor before retiring from both bodies in July 2006 after moving to Monee Township, terms Will County’s offer to union employees “not so bad,” but cited an issue she sees as a problem.

The county’s highest-paid employees pay proportionally lower premiums (employee contributions) under the plan’s salary-to-premium ratio, Deutsche said in an email to Eastern Will County News.

The plan requires employees earning up to $30,000 to pay a 4.3 percent premium, employees earning $30,000-$49,999 to pay a 7.6 percent premium and employees earning $50,000 or more to pay a 13.2 percent premium.

“Why are employees making more than $75,000 not paying more of a percentage?” Deutsche asked in Wednesday’s email.

“Like drop $50,000 to 10%, and (make) the highest salary level pay 13.2 (percent). This would go a long way to reach 10% of aggregate of premium cost.

“Can you imagine the hit the lower pays will suffer compared to high-end salaries? “Fair?” she asked.”

NLRB complaint against Will County Executive Deutsche’s comments come in the wake of a complaint filed Monday with National Labor Relations Board by the union local representing some Will County’s employees.

American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees Local 1028 President Dave Delrose contends County Executive Larry Walsh’s letter was an attempt to intimidate the more than 1,200 county employees who belong to collective-bargaining units.

AFSCME 1028 members earlier this month approved the possibility of a strike in response to a proposed benefits and compensation package because it doesn’t provide a cost of living increase and increases premiums.

Letter: striking employees could be replaced Walsh’s Oct. 24 communication responds to the strike threat, offering non-striking employees safe passage to work if a strike is called, and citing a range of sanctions – including termination – for employees who participate.

Walsh said striking employees would no longer be covered under the county health plan, but “may be” eligible to continue benefits under COBRA, paying the full $1,938.71 monthly premium.